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September 16, 2020

Turning a New Leaf in My Business

I celebrated my two years in business last August 18 with a a one-week anniversary sale. Way to go!

Over a sumptuous, spicy Indian meal of Chicken Masala, Dahl, Basmati Rice, and naan with hubby, I asked myself, “What’s next? Where to from here? How?”

Lo and behold, Kelly McCausey of Love People and Make Money showed up in my inbox with her 2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge!

For years, I heard people sing praises about the challenge and how it impacted them but up until now, I had no clue what it was exactly that they were crazy about.

Two catch words pulled me in – stretch and challenge.

Just what I needed. “I’m in!”

Why I Joined the 2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge?

I thought I was ready for a hard kick on the back to:

  • move past my comfort zone
  • broaden my perspectives
  • develop new mindsets, skills, systems, and approcahes
  • shake off old practices and habits
  • connect with people.

In short, I wanted positive change.

That was why I joined the stretch challenge.

I had been in a many challenges in the past but wasn’t as focused and serious as this.

It’s hard work, I must confess. It’s no joke having to juggle at least five major externally-led events on top of running my business in the whole of September.

However, the die is cast. I made my decision and have stood by it.

My stress levels have shot up almost to the edge of panic. However, I have picked up simple yet effective ways to deal with stress that could very easily become a new normal.

So far, the stretch challenge is living up to my expectations.


What is the 2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge?

The 2020 Stretch Yourself Challengee is a 30-day event that is focused on content marketing.

“Having an internet based business, almost entirely built around content, gave me a life with choices I could only dream of before. I was able to homeschool my son, be there for family, meet needs of others and keep bills paid even when I faced a health crisis. Today I enjoy freedom of travel and the pursuit of a joy filled future!” ~Kelly McCausey

It is a call to:

  • snap out of your comfort zone;
  • explore what you’ve never done before;
  • tackle familiar projects in a bigger way.

It is a complete content marketing training with 21 challenges to choose from:

Challenge #1: Set Up Google Analytics Reporting (NEW in 2020)
Challenge #2: Share Your Expertise & Promote It Like Crazy!
Challenge #3: Create A Collaborative Blog Post (NEW in 2020)
Challenge #4: Tackle A Dedicated Affiliate Promotion (NEW in 2020)
Challenge #5: Tackle A Content Refresh (NEW in 2020)
Challenge #6: Hold a Webinar or Teleseminar To Grow Your List
Challenge #7: Host a Facebook Live Series
Challenge #8: Offer & Host A Group Coaching Intensive
Challenge #9: Create a Small & Mighty Gift Report
Challenge #10: Make an Intentional Connection
Challenge #11: Start A Facebook Group
Challenge #12: Gather & Publish Testimonials
Challenge #13: Host A One Day Virtual Summit
Challenge #14: Choose A Live Event To Attend
Challenge #15: Volunteer/Apply To Speak Live
Challenge #16: Participate in a Bundle Sale or Giveaway
Challenge #17: Plan A Microcontinuity Membership Program
Challenge #18: Set Up A Tripwire Offer
Challenge #19: Start a YouTube Channel (NEW in 2019)
Challenge #20: Create A Tiktok Account & Post Three Times (NEW in 2020)
Challenge #21: Create A Twitch.TV Account & Stream Three Times (NEW in 2020)

Those red marked items?

They are the challenges that I planned on tackling. I have ticked off 4 out of 9 on my list.

Where Am I in the Challenge?

I am half-way through the challenge but have done way more than perhaps a quarter of work in the past.

Why is that so?

Now, I have:

  • more clarity on which path or direction to take my business;
  • a broader view of the importance of creating content and some start-up experience on marketing it to a bigger audience;
  • come to embrace simple and effective productivity tools that I oftentimes brushed off in the past because I was used to other ways of doing things;
  • widen my circle of people I can collaborate with;
  • come up with plans to implement after the challenge.

Overall, I am doing things differently and in a bigger way!

What’s in it for You?

The doors to join this year’s challenge is closed so you can no longer get in in the way that early registrants did.

If you regret not having signed up when the challenge was first offered, dang!

That means another year of waiting, opportunities lost, and results stalled.

Well, it appears it’s not too late yet.

You can still do it with – tadaaaah! 

The 2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge Manual.









It is a self-study guide with the same content that all of us doing the challenge use.


You don’t get the live Zoom calls with Kelly where she gives valuable inputs to inspire the participants and get them through the challenge.

You don’t vie for points to qualify for Kelly’s fantabulous rewards.

Despite these, you’re not left in the dark.

Kelly gives you access to her awesome community via the Mastermind Hub, which has played a highly critical role in the challenge.

It’s worth $79 but Kelly will gladly let you in free using a coupon code.

Here’s what you need to do:

Grab the 2020 Stretch Yourself Challenge Manual NOW!

You won’t have to wait for another year to make strides in content marketing.

You can work through the results at your own pace.

You get access to a secure and supportive community.

What more, for the month of September only, you can get the manual at $15 less.

Use coupon code 2020SELFSTUDY to get the price down to $42.

What are you waiting for?


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  1. What a meaty overview of everything the Stretch Yourself Challenge offers Maria! Thank you for sharing with others.

    Your stretch will yield long term results – as content is forever when you do it well!

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