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Artsy Challenge’s Affiliate Program is meant to expand income opportunities for you who are looking for an alternative, legitimate source of income.

Please read the following terms to get clarity on how Artsy Challenge’s Affiliate Program works.


Affiliates shall earn a 50% commission for every successful sale or transaction from a referral.

Affiliates shall also earn a 50% commission even on purchases using their own affiliate link. This scheme allows them to:

  • test the product, decide if it is something they want to promote, and better promote the product given their first-hand user experience;
  • get rewarded for their efforts on top of the commissions they earn from their referrals.

Tracking Cookie

Tracking cookies are:

  • used to track the affiliate’s referrals using their IP address.
  • set to 365 days unless the user clears his/her browser’s cache.

Artsy Challenge’s Affiliate Program strives for fairness in its dealings with affiliates.

This is important!

Eventhough tracking cookies are set to 365 days and affiliates could earn lifetime commissions from referrals, active affiliates are rewarded or credited with 50% commissions for promotional links that lead to a sale. The more affiliates promote, the more they earn.

However, commissions get credited back to affiliates who originally made the first referral in the absence of active promotions; meaning, when previous referrals that were first tracked to the affiliate simply visit Artsy Challenge and buy a product, the first referrer or affiliate earns the commission.


Affiliates shall be paid every 2 weeks on a Saturday through PayPal. To get paid, a PayPal email address should be on record under payout information.


The dashboard allows affiliates to check the status of their promotions and earnings, as well as generate their own affiliate links.

To get to your affiliate dashboard, click this LINK.

Affiliate Tools

Swipes and banners shall be provided to facilitate the affiliates’ marketing efforts.

Content and Products

New content and products shall be added regularly. Affiliates shall be notified of new releases, updates, information, deals, and events.

Important Reminders

  • Use only legitimate promotional channels.
  • No spamming, please.

Need Help?

Eamil for help or use the contact form on the Artsy Challenge website.



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