Giveaway and Bundle Events: Grow Your Online Business Fast

Why Participate in Giveaway and Bundle Events?

Grow your email list.

The money is in the list.

In the two years that I’ve worked online, I often heard business owners harp on these ideas, and I can attest that there is truth to what they were saying.

Two years ago, I practically had nothing. No website, no product, no connections, no audience, no sales, and zero income…

That is, until I joined Angela Wills’ bundle event in late 2018 where I ran away with over 200 subscribers.

Then, I had…

  • an audience to talk to and relate with;
  • a community who share my interest;
  • people who support the things that I do and promote or sell.

Indeed, a business owner’s customer email list is his/her most important asset.

You may grow your list through a list magnet, something you give away that solves a problem for the subscriber and adds a potential customer to your email list, from a PDF download to some software, a checklist, a report, eBook, white paper, video, a trial, a course or any other easy to deliver piece of information or content.

Common names for lead magnets are:
• Ethical bribe
• Opt-in incentive
• Irresistible offer
• Freemium
• Freebie
• Content upgrade
• Free gift

They come in different forms such as:

  • Short eBook
  • Course
  • Training
  • Journals
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Checklist
  • Cheat sheet
  • Case study
  • Spreadsheet
  • How-to guide
  • Resource guide
  • Coaching
  • Unannounced bonuses
  • PDF download
  • Coupons and coupon codes
  • Free trial
  • Trade secret
  • Webinars
  • Marketing plan
  • Quotes
  • Social media graphics
  • Targeted email offers
  • Swipe files
  • Anthology or compilation
  • Software or app
  • Recipes
  • Directions
  • Free consultation
  • Discovery call
  • Tool kit.

You may offer them in your website, community, social media, podcast, guest blogs, and webinars.

Guess what the fastest way to capture a significant opt-in to your offer is?

Giveaway and bundle events!

Why Go for Giveaway and Bundle Events?

Organizers and product contributors pull in their people to the event. No one can tell how many. Some may have just started online and have no community. Some may have hundreds or thousands.

During the first Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway Event in early September of this year, majority of the pioneering product contributors started from scratch; meaning, no list. Not even a product nor website to start with.

Guess how many people joined the event?

Around 2,500!

By the end of the event, most members collected over 200 sign ups on average, enough to successfully do business on a high note.

Multiply that by the number of events that you join.

By joining events:

  • You’ll Build Your Email List Fast – One event brings in hundreds if not thousands of poeple in one venue or marketplace through the concerted effort of the event host, product contributors, and affiliates. It’s like having a captive market willing to snap up offers in exchange for their email. As long as you have an appealing and responsive offer, you can build your email list fast.
  • Your List Will Be More Targeted – Your sign ups will consist of people who resonate with you. They think of you as one who speaks their language, has the same mindframe, holds their interest at heart, and can address their wants and needs. If they don’t, they won’t easily give their email to you or if they do, they’ll eventually unsubscribe.
  • Your Website Will Get More Traffic – People who sign up to get your offer in the event will try to find out more about you. It’s just the way things work; the more information and content you upload to your website and the more landing pages you offer, the more traffic the search engines will send you. Your website will look and feel and act more professional the more landing pages you offer, and your audience is more likely to find you due to that work.

Joining giveaway and bundle events is not a walk in the park.

It has its accompanying costs or investments.

  • It Can Cost a Lot of Money – If you’re not careful, especially if you outsource writing and other tasks, it can cost you a lot of money to create your own freebie. Pay attention to your investment in this project, and don’t overlook the content you already own.
  • It Can Take Too Much Time – Creating a freebie yourself can sometimes suck a lot of time away from other things you need to do. However, this can be overcome by making plans to repurpose almost everything you create into segments of freebies.
  • Bad Freebies Can Ruin Your Reputation – Offer only high quality products. If you give just about anything, you could be building a bad reputation for poor or low quality content. You don’t want that. You build your list with the intention of converting them into loyal customers. Bad reputation can lead to refunds, disputes, low conversions, no sales, and poor income.
  • You Run the Risk of  Lowering the Value of Your Products and Services – Consider the pros and cons of your participation in events. You could be giving too much that people would just wait for giveaways to find your free product or to get them at a deep discount. Learn how tripwires or upsells work to maximize your participation in events. Also, sign up as an affiliate and get a commission of at least 50% from buyers that you send in.

At the end of the day, as long as you play your cards well, you’ll get a handsome return on your investment that can take you a long way in your business.

How to Get the Most Out of Giveaway and Bundle Events

Create an irresistible offer, whether as a giveaway or paid one!

Make sure that your product:

  • Offers High-Value – Even though you’re giving this away for free, it still has a value, which is why you ask for an email address. An email address has a lot of value, so it makes sense that what you offer your audience as a freebie should be as valuable to them as their email address is to you.
  • Delivers a Specific Solution for a Specific Problem for a Specific Person – If you keep this in mind as you create your freebies, you’ll be much more effective and successful. Ensure that the lead magnet is designed for a specific person and a specific problem, and that the solution is also specific because it’s yours.
  • Promises One Awesome Thing – Don’t try to do too much in your freebies. In fact, this is a good criterion for any product you create because you want them to understand clearly what the product is going to do for them.
  • Offers Immediate Gratification – The freebie needs to be immediately accessible; otherwise, they’re going to forget. Giving them access right away before they go to their email is the best way to do it.
  • Demonstrates Your Expertise – The product itself needs to show them who you are and lead them to conclude that you are an expert in this area. You want them to trust you and understand that you’ll lead them in the right direction, so your product needs to give them that good feeling of making a good choice.
  • Can Be Consumed Fast and Easily – Don’t make the solution take forever. It doesn’t have to actually start working today, but it should be easy enough to implement that if they started today, they’d see results shortly.

Follow these guide and you’ll be growing your email list to a significant mass by taking action that starts with a single step.

Do you want to build your email list fast?

Sign Up for the Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway Event!

It’s open for product submission until the 31st of October.


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