21-Day Creativity Challenge

Do you beat yourself up for being unable to draw a flower? Do you compare yourself to people you consider creative or artistic?

Shame, fear, self-doubt, feeling small, perfectionism, inaction, procrastination…

When attempting to explore your creativity, do you often deal with these?

Do they hit you hard that you want to shrink or hide?

You’re not alone.

To a significant number of people, creative expression is a struggle. It’s like resisting to breathe air which is essential to life.

Each day is spent with “what ifs,” “I wish,” or “if only.”

It’s as if the desire to be creative doesn’t exist yet the painful longing is there.

How about trying something new?

Why not challenge yourself to let go, dive, and be creative without fear nor shame.

No buts, ifs, why, when, or because.

For once…

If so, jump on in.


The 21-Day Creativity Challenge!

Start where you are. You learn to run only after learning to lift your head, roll from side to side, crawl, stand up by clinging on to others or to fixtures, take your first baby steps.
You don’t waste time entertaining your fears. Instead, you just dive into the experience of doing it. You learn by doing.
Although highly encouraged, share only when you’re open, ready and willing.
You do the challenge with people who are your kindred spirits.
Enjoy a space of respect, giving, sharing, and encouraging.

During the challenge, you’ll be able to:

Here’s what you’ll enjoy in the challenge:

All you need for the challenge is within your reach…

Use art materials like pencil, ink pen, color pens, crayons, or what not are enough.
Loose sheets of paper will do if you don’t have a sketch or drawing book.
Your cellphone camera would come in handy to take snapshots of your finished work. If you don’t have one, borrow a relative’s or friend’s.
A printer and scanner is even optional.
For sure, you have access to Facebook and have an account to use.

The most important thing is your active presence during the 21-Day Challenge.