Spice Up, Super Charge and Electrify Your Relationship with Your Spouse, Partner or Lover

Create Unlimited Journals for Personal Use or Business with this Fun, Sexy and Provocative Done-for-You Rebrandable

Couple's Journal

What's so cool about this Couple's Journal? 

It comes with well-crafted, above-the-ordinary exciting prompts to fill up and share with partner!

This Couple's Journal will turn so-so days and nights with your partner into exciting you-never-know and anything goes moments!

Let it...

  • Bring back the thrill and excitement you had for each other;
  • Keep communication lines working smoothly;
  • Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other;
  • Build a stronger emotional and physical bond and commitment;
  • Take your relationship to a whole new level.

See it in action and be blown away by it's simplicity!

What You Get...

  • DFY Couple's Journal (Hearts Motif)
  • DFY Couple's Journal (Plain)
  • DFY Couple's Journal (Abstract Motif)
  • DFY Couple's Journal (Psychedelic Motif)
  • 12 Main Graphics
  • 14 Frames and Borders (Black/White)
  • 36 Frames and Borders (Watercolor)
  • 100 Additional Prompts
  • 300 Relationship Quotes
  • License - PLR/Rebrandable
  • License - Commercial License
  • Bonuses - See below!

File Formats:

  • 60 unique journal pages
  • 8.5"X11" size
  • JPG (300 DPI)
  • PNG (300 DPI)
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF

Sample from the 100 additional prompts:

What big secret have you not revealed to me yet?
What surprising thing I did left you flabbergasted?
How would you react if I told you that I found my soulmate?
How would you react if I told you that I am attracted to the same sex?
How would you react if I packed my things and left without a word?
How would you feel if I found someone else?
How would I feel if you find someone else?
What makes you lose sleep at night?
What do you love about our material possessions? 
If we earn $10K more each month, how would you want to spend it?
What would inheriting a fortune change our life?
What investments have you made to secure our retirement?
How many kids do you want?
What would you do if having kids is impossible? 
If we have kids, what family values would you instill in them?
What did you learn from your parents that you would pass on to your children?
What lessons while growing up do you want to live by?
What shocking revelation in the past molded you to be the person you are?
What childhood trauma would you protect your kids from?
What is your dream lifestyle if money were not a concern?
Do you have a recurring dream that you keep from me? Why? 
What are your favorite clothes? 
What do I think of infidelity?

Your Bonuses!

#1 - Full Page Backgrounds

#2 - Title and Divider Pages

#3 - Background for Inside Pages

#4 - Dotted Lined Pages


PLR Terms of Use

[YES] Modify, package and rebrand this product in part or whole;
[YES] Do as you please as long as you label or brand it;
[YES] Sell your branded product as your own at Etsy and/or other marketplaces; 
[NO] Pass on PLR, resell rights or master resell rights for this product;
[NO] Share this product to anyone or anywhere online;
[NO] Claim copyright ownership of the original work.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this product, a sale is considered final and no refunds, substitutions, or exchanges shall be given.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a one-time offer?

Yes. There are two. The first ($27) is for add-on resources to make customization of your Couple's Journal more robust.  The second ($12) is for a 30 couple's deck of cards with 2 colored and 1 plain designs along with templates and source files.

May I use the resources in this pack for other projects?

Absolutely. The Couple's Journal includes private label rights that you may read in the earlier section of this page.

May I request for a refund?

As per Artsy Challenge's refund policy, no. Make sure to scrutinize what's offered in this deal and if you're in doubt, send an email with your questions.

How may I get support?  

Please send an email to hello@artsychallenge.com with subject line "CJ Support" and expect to get a response in a few hours or no later than 24 hours.

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