Challenge #2 – Fire Up

Welcome to Challenge #2 - Fire Up! 

“Where there is joy, there is creation. Where there is no joy, there is no creation. Know the nature of joy.” ~Maitri Upanishads

In this Challenge, you will create something that you:

  • love or are passionate about
  • may be skilled at doing already
  • are bent on learning and/or mastering
  • want to explore due to reasons like need, trend, market demand, or therapeutic value
  • have identified in the first challenge!  

Take note and this is important:

Your choice of a creative project has to be based on your results in the first challenge. 

This second challenge is not a standalone. It is intertwined with the first, and so goes with the succeeding ones.

Frequently, my mind blazes with ideas of things to do or try. It can go on and on that I find myself starting something new in the middle of project, and then switching from one to another and another and, at the end of the day, not getting done with any. 

I'm sure you can relate. 

This challenge would set you on one track and one track only for the duration of 21 days.

As Josh Billings, a famous 19th-century American humor writer and lecturer, once said, "Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." 

For instance...

If you want to do doodles, do it every day over 21 days. 

If you want to create coloring pages, templates, printables, cut-outs, textures, or journals... 

you get what I mean. 

Also, stick to just one creative project at a time.

If you must, wear blinders or blinkers like what horses have on so that you only look on one direction and not get distracted; but we are not horses, are we?

That's where this challenge comes handy - to remind you to keep to your goal. 

By the time you're done with the 21-day challenge, you'll:

  • be amazed at what you have created;
  • see the progression in the quality of your work;
  • take pride in your ability to create something with your hands, tools, and resources; 
  • start imagining about possibilities you've never considered; 
  • greet each day with joy and inspiration.  

Enough said. 

What's the aim for this challenge?

By the end of the 21-day challenge,  you shall have achieved the following:

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