Spice Up, Recharge and Boost Your Relationship with Spouse, Partner or Lover

Create Unlimited Journals for Personal Use or Business with This Fun, Sexy and Provocative Done-for-You Rebrandable Couples Journal with PLR

What’s so unique about this Couples Journal?

It comes with well-thought-out, above-the-ordinary exciting prompts to fill up and share with partner!

This Couples Journal will turn so-so days and nights with your partner into exciting you-never-know and anything goes moments!

Let this journal…

Use it for your own personal purposes or sell it to make money! 

In a nutshell, you get the following in this pack:

They come in the following formats:







More Customization Assest

Additional Prompts


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Why do couples break up when the excitement wanes or wears out?

There are varied reasons for this, but a major one is the lack of meaningful communication that may be due to the:

This can lead to a grim picture of misunderstanding, arguments, confusion, self-doubt, conflict, distrust, isolation, and eventually loss of that loving feeling. 

A novel way to narrow the gaps between couples is keeping a shared journal. 


The Done-for-You Couples Journal with PLR


Before any of these negative consequences happen, it’s better to catch and arrest the cause before the gap widens. 

This journal aims to foster
better communication
improved relationship
give clarity on priorities etc

thoughtfully crafted prompts designed to encourage
– thoughtfulness
– openness
– honesty

for married couples, living in, boyfriend-girlfriend, complicated, relationship

long-term,  budding/just starting out, going strong, or wavering, wilting away, ejat have you

When you sit down with your partner or spouse – regardless of gender – and ask a question like…

“during our first night…”

what picture can you paint about what takes place in the moment?

in your mind
in your thoughts
in your body
in your heart?

what can possibly happen?

Questions like….

jogs or refreshes your memory
rekindles love
reignites passion
deepens understanding and love

it can also be a way to think through seriously about a relationship.

That’s what the couple’s journl is.

It’s an invitation to sit down together and reminisce the past, thibk of the present, look ahead to the future.


(Main) ($17) ($37)
– DFY 8.5″X11″ CJ heart
– DFY 8.5″X11″ CJ plain BW
– PDF and PPT
– 5 +Frames
– 5 +Borders
– 5 +backgrounds
– 50 additional prompts
– tutorial on how to change backgrounds

(Upsell) ($37) ($47)
– 10 different backgrounds
– PLR and reseller
– +background designs

(Downsell) ($9) ($17)
– +backgrounds