Journaling: A Versatile Experience for Everyone of All Walks

Journaling or journal writing is putting pen to paper to write, express, illustrate, document, capture or record just about anything you want, need to or feel like.

In the past, journal writing was done using a simple lined notebook, blank book, slum book, or diary.

These days, you have all sorts of fancy, chic, colorful and handsome journals on just about any topic.

You may even create them yourself, by binding lined or blank sheets or through printshops.

Journaling with Shabby Sheets

But who says you need to spend a fortune for those commercial journals?

Well, you don’t!

You may use any writing material for your journals:

  • Clean, unused paper
  • Recycled paper
  • Crumpled or torn paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Receipt
  • Bus, movie or event ticket
  • Post-it-notes
  • Card
  • Index cards
  • Cardboard boxes.

If there’s nothing else, your palm would do the trick. I use Google mail on my cell phone every day, these days.

Worry about posterity later. For the moment, capture whatever you must.

Your goal is to seize the moment (and making sure to move your writing over to a more durable form afterward).

Believe me. I’m no newbie to this kind of journaling.

Journaling for Moms

Like any kid with a fertile imagination, my little ones whipped up just about anything – stories, poems, jokes, quotes, thoughts, doodles, songs, shapes, shades, textures.

Their creative stock came randomly, unplanned, and in splashes, bursts and roars. A mom has to be ready for these but many times, I wasn’t. I had to settle with what I had, including shabby, throwaway sheets.

I could tell lots of stories about this but that would be for another post.

Looking back, I find those moments precious and priceless. I can say with certainty now that they won’t happen the way they did… especially now that my kids have grown up.

I’m glad I took the pains of “catching those happy moments” even with shabby sheets, which I have kept, by the way.

Publishing: Journaling to Write a Book 

For those glued to their screens like forever, rest assured that your computer doubles up as a journaling tool.

That’s how my youngest son’s book got created. I was sitting on a work table across him tapping (almost pounding) my laptop keys to capture his words, verbatim.

 Blogging: Journaling with Your Computer

Those who are into blogging know how well they are able to chronicle their activities, take note of their experiences, thoughts, emotions, wisdom, even silliness. Call that online journaling or weblogging where you use a website as your diary or journal.

Summing Up

Journaling is for everyone and for various purposes. It may capitalize on writing materials that are readily on hand, including shabby sheets.

The purpose of journal writing is to capture ideas, emotions, memories, stories, poems, art, and practically anything you want to be written.

On unplanned moments, use shabby sheets and move them over to a form that would withstand the test of time.

Here’s your challenge: Do whatever it takes to write down what you must. 

Journaling is an experiential process whose benefits go a long way.

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