Couple's Journal with PLR and CU License

Couple's Journal with PLR and CU License

Unique and powerful, the Couple's Journal is designed to bring couples closer together!

This journal is more than just a blank notebook for writing down thoughts and feelings. It is a shared space for both partners to 

  • express themselves
  • reflect on their relationship
  • explore new depths of intimacy. 

Each page is shared with the other, so that each one reads what the other writes. There is no dichotomy, or separation between the two.

By writing and reflecting together, couples can:

  • gain a deeper understanding of each other
  • strengthen their emotional connection
  • create new memories that will last a lifetime. 

Whether newlywed or have been together for decades, the Couple's Journal is the perfect way to explore their relationship and build a stronger, more fulfilling connection.

This journal can turn so-so days and nights into exciting you-never-know and anything goes moments!

It can...

  • Bring back the thrill and excitement for each other;
  • Keep communication lines working smoothly;
  • Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other;
  • Build a stronger emotional and physical bond and commitment;
  • Take the relationship to a whole new level.

See it in action and be blown away by it's simplicity!

What You Get...

  • DFY Couple's Journal (Hearts Motif)
  • DFY Couple's Journal (Plain)
  • DFY Couple's Journal (Abstract Motif)
  • DFY Couple's Journal (Psychedelic Motif)
  • 12 Main Graphics
  • 14 Frames and Borders (Black/White)
  • 36 Frames and Borders (Watercolor)
  • 100 Additional Prompts
  • 300 Relationship Quotes
  • License - PLR/Rebrandable
  • License - Commercial License
  • Bonuses - See below!

File Formats

  • 60 unique journal pages
  • 8.5"X11" size
  • JPG (300 DPI)
  • PNG (300 DPI)
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF

PLR Terms of Use

  • [YES] Modify, package and rebrand this product in part or whole;
  • [YES] Do as you please as long as you label or brand it;
  • [YES] Sell your branded product as your own at Etsy and/or other marketplaces; 
  • [NO] Pass on PLR, resell rights or master resell rights for this product;
  • [NO] Share this product to anyone or anywhere online;
  • [NO] Claim copyright ownership of the original work.

Refund Policy

  • Due to the nature of this product, a sale is considered final and no refunds, substitutions, or exchanges shall be given.

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